Our Story


My grandmother "Mah" and me - Bamako, Mali, 1988

My grandmother Mah was from Bourem in Northern Mali. She followed love, left her hometown and moved to the capital to marry my grandfather. She had eight children, including my mother Kadidia, who is her eldest daughter. 

"Ya" is short for Kadidia and "woni" means beloved in my grandmother’s Moorish language. Yawoni is what she used to call my mother, and it is the name everyone calls her to this day. Her very name is a constant reminder that she is beloved.

"I named my brand after my mother because I believe in the beauty and power of love."

Yawoni Diara

My mother Kadidia "Yawoni" and me - Bamako, Mali, 1990

My grandmother and my mother are the inspiration behind YAWONI and my reason why. They are a testament to self sacrifice, faith, drive and determination; as well as the most generous and loving people I know.

"They are the inspiration behind my mission to create products and experiences that affirm the power of love."

This is my heritage. Rooted in love and African traditions.