Beloved Muse | Alison Kaba. Creator of Luxury Fashion House Alison Kaba

Beloved Muse | Alison Kaba. Creator of Luxury Fashion House Alison Kaba

Alison Kaba is the creator of the luxury fashion house, Alison Kaba. Her brand brings African culture to the forefront of the contemporary world, all while placing emphasis on the art of fashion. .

"Self-love comes from within, don’t be afraid to be who you are."

What is beauty to you?
To me, beauty is the distinct features of a person, their cheekbones, a person’s eyes, the wideness or slimness of their nose, the way their face changes when they smile. As well as the curves of their bodies and the way it moves and flows. Self-confidence or moments of pure joy you see those features appear more in a person, especially when they carry themselves.

How do you stay connected to your roots?
My mother is Soso and Fulani, my father is from the Mandinka tribe. All three cultures are in my blood. As I grow older, I tend to ask family members about the history of my culture. I may not speak the languages, but learning about the cultures brings me closer to my roots. And that is what I want to share in my brand.

What do you wish someone would have told you to teach you self-love?
Self-love comes from within, don’t be afraid to be who you are. You have to live with yourself 24/7 for the rest of your life, whereas other people only get to experience you for a limited amount of time. You’re one of a kind, there is absolutely no one like you on this earth and that alone makes you unique. Other people’s opinions of you should not matter whether it is negative or positive, both can be equally addicting.

Why did you start your clothing brand, Alison Kaba?
My brand allows people to see the world through my eyes. A world filled with effortless beauty, culture and art. I have been taught by my mother to appreciate simplicity and through her words and teachings, I have learned to appreciate beauty in the simplest of ways. She taught me to be fearless and move with vigor which has manifested in my work and creation.

Inclusivity is one of my biggest passions, you can take a look at my pieces and the variety and see universal beauty through all my creations. A balanced composition of two worlds. the western influences as well as the boldness of African prints.

I am willing to take the extra step and challenge myself and others to view my culture beyond what has been taught. It is time to show a new side to the African influence in fashion. It is an industry that has a certain type of fire that will never die, and I would want nothing more than to be one of its sparks.

What inspires you to create and where do you get inspiration from?
I take a lot of inspiration from my Guinean culture and European fashion, the story each garment has in haute couture inspires me to tell my own stories, which will be portrayed through my future collections so stay tuned.

What wellness rituals do you practice?
I practice yoga almost every morning, it helps me stay in touch with my body and inner thoughts. It helps me start my day fresh and reenergizes me to take on any tasks of the day. It’s truly important for me to take care of my body as much as possible.

What life philosophy or mantra do you live by?
Every time I have tough moments, I say to myself: no matter what, tomorrow is going to come, it is a new opportunity to start fresh. Each day that passes will make yesterday’s troubles a distant memory.

What is one beauty practice, tool or product you wish to never do without?
I have been loving the jade roller since I started using it last year. It makes a huge difference. I also love using hydrating face masks twice a week.

BELOVED MUSE is a YAWONI series featuring inspirational creative women who share their thoughts on beauty, wellness and self-love.

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